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Straight to the Core

30-Day Immersion to Come to Your Center and into the Heart of Your Truth
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Straight to the Core
30-Day Immersion to Come to
Your Center and Into the
Heart of Your Truth

In this time of great change
we need to be vigilant about
our energy field and come to
our center so that we can tap
into our inner knowing to walk
our own true path and take
soul-aligned actions from
this place.

What you’ll get … ME!
🌀 strengthening our core and
working our way up to a 5-min
plank (yup, you can totally do it!)
🌀 Oxygenating our vessel via
holotropic breathing to alleviate
stress, and anxiety to hone in on
self-awareness and promote relaxation
and inner strength
🌀 bringing in healing Ho-oponopono
to soften our hearts, practice forgiveness
for Self and others, and
🌀 tapping into our inner knowing
through guided meditation

Investment: US$99
Start: Aug. 22 with the Full Moon

I felt guided to offer this Immersion
to support you on your path
and to create a ripple effect
around the Globe where we
individually and collectively
rise to hold the highest vibrations
for us, our families, communities
and the world at large whilst being
deeply rooted.

We need you! Join me and share
with your friends.

The time has come!
Can't wait to get started..

Much love & gratitude -

Stephanie, xo


The more the merrier! Let's activate as many people as we can and make this an enormous ripple where we all get to stand in Truth!

Invite your friends ...

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