One on One

💎 Divine Emerging - a One-on-One 3-months transformational mentorship journey to tap into your Soul to find your voice and completely overhaul your life to a more aligned and prepared path toward an existence in which we live in higher vibrations and in resonance with our life’s purpose.

This transformation will allow you to remember who you truly are, give you the tools to fully embody your gifts and use your voice to spread your message in a way that it is powerfully presented, received through the gateway of the heart and result in impacting thousands of people, all awhile living in abundance and walking your own true path.

🔥 Quantum Immersion - a private one-month intensive to get crystal clear about your message and what you came here to do. Your voice will be heard!


The focus will be on one selected area of your life. Whether this is for your personal or business life, you will no longer tolerate to stay quiet and in the dark.


By application only! Both containers include full Quantum Healing and coaching sessions and are individually crafted according to your needs.


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Self Guided

🦋 From Fear to Fierce

A 3-part Series to finding your voice and standing your ground. This is a self-guided exploration of what you desire to shed to fully step into your Truth.


Includes Quantum activated videos and a private Facebook support group. For more details message me here ...

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