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"From the moment I first met Stephanie I knew she would be part of a profound shift in my life. I underestimated quite how powerful her mentorship it would be.She is a highly intuitive and gifted healer, with a vast and authoritative trunk full of modalities to help you to release and clear any trauma, blocks, self-sabotaging behavior, and self- limiting beliefs so that you can step confidently into your life’s path, live with joy and reclaim your sovereignty.Steph is the perfect balance of nurturing, and straight-talking. As a client, you know that you are lovingly held and supported in a beautifully safe container, but at the same time, She won’t hesitate to bring those ugly, shameful stories hiding in the darkness within into the light so that you can shatter them once and for all. Her gifts enable her to see straight into your soul, to know your core being, to see the magic that you bring to this life and the purpose that you are meant to share with the collective.I was mentored by Stephanie in her Divine Emerging container and I can honestly say it was more transformative than I expected. Stephanie’s balance of playfulness and ritual combined with deeply transformative healing was immensely powerful and really enjoyable. I feel the ripples through all areas of my life and I’m eternally grateful for her grace and guidance.”

~ Julia Binks, Transformational Coach

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