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Mentoring with Stephanie

Drop your stories, leave your fears ...

It's time to claim your throne!

My Magic Sauce ... and how I work

We all have our unique blend of talents and gifts to touch, inspire, and motivate people to become the best version of themselves.


My strength lies in blending various modalities into my work, such as tapping into the Quantum Field to help remove blockages and limiting beliefs from your field, Inner Child healing, upgrading your DNA, and resetting your Soul's Blueprint, blended with ancient shamanic traditions, rituals and ceremonies..


I use Quantum Flow to help you alchemize through your body, sound, and visualization, Laser Coaching to get to the core of things in rapid time and rituals and ceremonies to connect to the elementals and provide you with tools to anchor in that which you learned into your 3D reality all awhile supporting you on your path to 4/5D.

You might ask: What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing is so vast and works way beyond our logical mind that it simply does not have a once and for all definition. In essence, it helps us to return to the natural state of our Soul!

When we work in the Quantum Field, we peek into the Field of Infinite Possibilities and are brought into a frequency where blockages and limiting beliefs can be removed and erased out of our field very rapidly.

The Quantum Field is the natural state of our Soul! Here, we acknowledge that in reality, we ARE LOVE, ABUNDANCE, HEALTH, etc. versus we are feeling love, abundant, healthy, and so on.

So what is holding us back? As Souls, we have a human experience and with this, we are conditioned in many ways through our ancestry (bloodline), our life's experiences such as trauma, upbringing, societal/cultural conditioning, etc..


What we need to understand is that none of this is reason enough to hold us back from living our wildest dreams. AND to get to living the life of our dreams does NOT need to be hard. In fact, it is NOT meant to be hard.

If you are ready to fully step into your Light, click here to read about the work I offer to assist you in creating & living your Sacred Dream!

The only question remaining is: ARE YOU READY?

How I work
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