From Fear to Fierce

Finding Your Voice & Standing Your Ground

From Fear to Fierce -
Finding Your Voice & Standing Your Ground

This program was birthed last year out of the desire to support as many awesome Souls as possible to step into their true power. Time has changed and now, more than ever, it is so vital to exercise our rights. I've been listening to my inner guidance and am super excited to birth this iteration.

What is happening at a global level is nothing short of a shit show. You might find yourself pretty much on either side of this spectrum:
asleep under a rock and rolling over to comply as a commodity
ready to call BS on what is going on to then take your life into your own hands, live it at your terms and be a role model in your community. This is not something you should take lightly! It is a call to action .. to live your Truth, to honor your Soul's journey, to commit to WHY you came here for!

Joining me for From Fear to Fierce is a crucial step to drawing a line in the sand, of saying NO to what is not aligned, unapologetically, allowing NO to be a full sentence.

Taking this journey also means that you will get crystal clear on what actually feels like a FUCK YES, versus some half-assing compromise. You already know that you are not doing yourself any favor by living life in such a mediocre fashion!

Exercising your voice means releasing blockages, finding your unique way of communicating with clarity, strength, and power. It means to stand tall despite all confusion and distractions. To be the eye of the hurricane.

Being a role model is a responsibility we have agreed to take on in this linearity. Not standing in your power will weaken your capacity to make decisions that are aligned to your path, and thus weaken your energy field and make you more susceptible to the mind fuckery out there.

Needless to say, you can still choose to go with the flow and not step into Self-Mastery, but you cannot NOT know what you now know. Either way, it is a choice: staying within collective programming based on fear OR forging your own True Path co-creating the New Earth grid based on LOVE.

Structures and programs are crumbling as we speak and to have your tool kit nicely upgraded and ready to roll will be an essential part of riding those current waves to be able to thrive.

From Fear to Fierce is a 3-part series that starts with Deconstructing the Old - patterns, old stories, and blasting through that which has been holding you back. From here we Discover the New to feel into what is possible and craft our own timelines to shine. Part three is stepping into Being YOU - Unapologetically! Innerstanding your WHY, owning your gifts, ready to take the leap to walk your own True Path, fully committed.

💫 Practical steps to exercise your voice
💫 5D Healing modalities
💫 Quantum Activations
💫 Journaling prompts
💫 Quantum Flow
💫 1 Group Call
.. and more!

This journey is self-led, modules delivered every 5 days;
group call to bring it all full circle.

Investment: US$333
 +VIP add-on: Private 1:1 session with me to hone in on your vision including 5D activation - US$111 (yup, read that right! This would be $497 by itself.. just sayin') ... I know this is a major gift and yes, I do want to impact as many as I possibly can. 'Cause it is time!
What are you waiting for??
Launching July 23rd!

WHO is this for?
From Fear to Fierce is for those who are READY to show up, for themselves and others. It is for the one who understands that through the power of one massive shift can happen, for those eager to ensure that we get to stand in sovereignty as this is our birthright. From Fear to Fierce is for those desiring to claim their throne. The ones who know deep down that they do have gifts to share yet haven't quite found the way to express them.

Understand that walking this path of Self-Mastery is often a lonely path, yet one where you are never alone. It is where we glean the deepest satisfaction by knowing that we are held and guided all along the way.

Congrats to those understanding the depth of this opportunity. May it serve you in the Highest.

With all my love for your unique path!
And remember: You can absolutely create & live your Sacred Dream in joyful Abundance.

Be Fierce

Stephanie, xo


The more the merrier! Let's activate as many people as we can and make this an enormous ripple where we all get to stand in Truth!

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