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I'm so glad you're here, Beautiful ... welcome!

Make yourself at home and let's see how we can create some magic together!

If you wish to learn a bit more about me, pour yourself a cup of tea (or whatever gets your mojo going) and ...

Have you ever wondered what would've happened if you'd fully trusted in your path ...?

Remember the times when you would wake up exhausted, even before you stepped out of bed? The many moments where you banged your head against a wall trying to figure out how to live a life that actually made your heart sing and instead stayed in jobs that dimmed your light, continued with relationships that didn't nurture you... The feeling of your Soul slowly starving to death, the sensation of sitting in a cage, even if it may have been a golden one.

Well, that was me!

That is how I spent most of my life, that is. It took me a while to figure out that I could actually change this downward spiral to create a life that I wanted for myself. And so I did!

Today, I live from my heart. I liberated myself from the shackles that had me feel unloved, unseen and not worthy of much... And guess what, my Dear? I pledged to never turn back!

I have learned so much over the years, and still am (yup, every now and then I get a kick in the know what from the Universe reminding me of my humanness LOL).


What I came to terms with is this: the more I can share from my heart, the ups and downs and everything in between, the more I get to inspire others to do the same - win-win!

In case you never chimed in before, hi, I'm Stephanie! And welcome to my site. I'm the straight-talking, fierce & fiery, deeply caring and most always seeing the cup full kinda friend you always wanted.


I am an awesome cheerleader and will celebrate the tiniest success with you all awhile having your back. A little more to my background here ...

My mission is to help others to create a life worth celebrating, to support you to break through your stories so that you can truly and fully step into the glorious Self that you are. Empowered, brilliant, kicking butt, and impacting millions!

Long gone are the days where you got to stay small and invisible (whoever suggested that in the first place)? This isn't serving you, nor all the many people that are waiting to be unleashed by your genius!

And guess what? FIERCE is powerful ~ Being FREE is your birthright ~ and all that starts with YOU BEing YOU!

There is a quote that forever uplifts my Soul:

"Do not fear the space between your dreams and your reality!

If you can dream it, you can make it so!"

~Bella Davis

And so it is!


It's my dream that women around the globe wake up in the morning thinking:

"My voice matters & I can absolutely rock this world!"

And guess what, Dear One, IT DOES & YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN!

When you trust in your innermost voice everything becomes possible! Heed the call when she whispers, you might just love what you'll find..

Professional Bio

Stephanie is an Alchemist and Accelerator of Human Potential using the Art of Rituals, Quantum Healing, coaching, and shamanic practices.


Stephanie is passionate about helping people find their voice, turn obstacles into opportunities, and support others in breaking through blockages in order to fully embody their gifts and live their Soul’s purpose.


She offers private 1:1 mentorship and healings, online programs, and global transformational retreats. Stephanie loves to weave Quantum science with ancient wisdom traditions.


One of her missions is to protect the ancestral heritage of communities around the Globe and preserve these traditions for the benefit of future generations.

Prof Bio
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