Quantum Activated Cacao Ceremony
Wed. 10/06 @ 11:00am CST


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Wednesday, 10/06 @ 11:00am CST | 12:00pm EST | 6:00pm CET
Hard to believe that we are already that far into the year, AND with another Equinox just passed whilst we endured SIX planets in Retrograde simultaneously. Whoop, that IS a handful!!
I am very excited to offer this month's ceremony to hone in on the New Moon in Libra, which is usually the seeker of balance and harmony. But with Mercury in Retrograde, this makes for a spicy, passionate and possibly explosive mix!

Join me to sit in circle with the Sacred medicine of Cacao as we tune into this Moon and Quantum activate your intentions and role for what you desire to be acknowledged for in the growth of the Collective.

Hope to see you there.. share with your friends! And if you joined before, you know what to do. Set your intention, prepare your Cacaocito in a prayerful way, come with a journal to jot down what might drop in. For those who have not, I'll send you a recipe and some further guidelines on how to get the most of this sacred ceremony.

Looking forward to sharing the magic with you!

Investment: US$22-33

Trust in the calling!

And remember: you can absolutely create and live your Sacred Dream in joyful Abundance.

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