Starting January 2nd with the first New Moon in 2022 -

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Start 2022 with a bang and hit the ground running! We'll use the Capricorn New Moon energy to set the tone for a solid gratitude practice ..

WHY this Immersion? Why NOW? Why again?

I've always been passionate about practicing gratitude, but once I dedicated myself to it, my life shifted noticeably.

As some of you know, I love coming together in this practice, and needless to say, this past year sure stretched us in more ways we knew existed. Hence, this program continues as it so profoundly helps us to come back to center and look at the bright side of things.

Practicing daily gratitude allows us to start our days in higher vibrations, see it through the lens of love, spot opportunities that we learn from instead of challenges that hold us back, have an overall sense of expansion and liberation.

Practicing gratitude in a group enhances all of the above!
It is activating and magnifying ..

What you will receive ...
🌀 28-days guided journey to hone in on the art of gratitude
🌀 tackling all areas of life such as relationships, health, money, etc
🌀 daily videos or live teachings to the day’s topic
🌀 daily oracle card reading
🌀 private FB page to connect with commUNITY

Investment: US$66
OR - come with a friend and pay $99
(friend must be new to the Gratitude Immersion)
Yes, freaking affordable and a no-brainer!
Starts January 2nd, 2022!

Once you are registered, you'll be added to the private FB group!

What most successful people have in common is remembering and practicing gratitude in all they do.

Some BENEFITS of a gratitude practice:
💫 Increased happiness and sense of positivity
💫 Better physical health (improved sleep, lower levels of cellular inflammation, increased drive, etc.)
💫 Reduces stress
💫 Improves emotional well-being
💫 Increases the quality of your relationships
💫 Will help you to stay focused and become a magnet for abundance in all areas of your life
💫 It creates a ripple effect to those around you!

The more you practice gratitude, the more you rewire your brain to BE in a state of gratitude, the more you vibe high, the more you become a match for that which you desire to attract.

Let's get this show going and join me on this next round of Gratitude Immersion to steer the course and help to raise the vibration of the Collective. The time is NOW! We start June 1st ...

The root of joy is gratefulness!

Be Fierce

And remember: you can absolutely create and live your Sacred Dream in joyful Abundance.

With deep gratitude and love,

The more the merrier! Let's make this an enormous ripple of Love across the Globe! Invite your friends ...