Extra Special ... it's my GEMINI Moon!! 🤩

Quantum Activated
New Moon
Cacao Ceremony

Fri., 05/30/2022

10:00am CST 
11:00pm EST 
5:00pm CET

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Monday, 05/30/2022
10:00am CST | 10:00pm EST | 5:00pm CET

Gemini is my Birth season .. WHOOP - magic is afoot!
Join me for this Gemini New Moon on Monday and let's celebrate the twins as they always seek the sunny side up! Life is meant to be lived..
wildly, that is!

This eclipse season came with a punch, well, for many of us for sure. This New Moon rings in lightness in mind and Spirit. Who is ready to look at the world through a new lens?

How can you be unapologetically YOU? Where in your life do you feel the call to pull the ripcord? Super excited about this ceremony! Welcoming those who are ready to rise and claim their highest timelines.

Activation = $US22

If you have not sat with me to celebrate with the medicine of Cacao, message me and I'll gift you a delicious recipe. And I'll send a Zoom link after you register.

May you always know your Soul's beauty.

Blessed be,