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8:8 Sirius Stargate Activation & Cacao Ceremony
Sun. 08/08 @ 11:00am CST


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with Ashley G Pinkerton
& Stephanie C Koehler

Sunday, 08/08 @ 11:00am CST | 12:00pm EST | 6:00pm CET

Sirius, our Spiritual Sun Star (plus happens to also be our Star family 💫),
has been the closest to Earth since the opening of the Sirius portal on July 26th, rising with our Solar System's Sun and streaming a great influx of plasma light onto Earth.

Through Sacred Sound healing, Quantum Activation, and the medicine of cacao we unite on this potent portal to activate the grid and anchor in the codes offered to move forth with a clearer vision of how to navigate the current climate in an embodied and empowered way.

Innerstanding how to remember our own power, tune in to our Soul’s wisdom, navigate our own True path, and take a stance is imperative to collectively shift into greater awareness.

This Activation and ceremony with the medicine of cacao will offer you the opportunity to unite as One, and to feel into what is possible moving forward from a place of your High Heart.

This IS the time to hone in on your innermost knowing that you do hold all the gifts to withstand outer forces and programming so that you can see more clearly what is in your Highest invest good and the role we play individually to do so.

Think of it like this:
You set the stage for your most awe-inspiring future Self, everyone around you will benefit from your vibration. Now multiply this through the gateway of the heart and you have actively helped to co-create the New Earth frequency. We can do this! Come join us .. Investment: Sliding scale U.S.$ 44-66

We look forward to you joining us! Share and invite your friends so that we can create a ripple effect that spreads across the globe.

Trust in the calling!

And remember: you can absolutely create and live your Sacred Dream in joyful Abundance.

Be Fierce

Ashley & Stephanie


The more the merrier! Let's make this an enormous ripple of Love across the Globe! Invite your friends ...