Portal Activation

11:00am CST 
m EST 
6:00pm CET


Stepping into YOUR Highest Timeline - receive abundantly!

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Tuesday, 02/22 - 11:00am CST

Oh, this one is soooo very exciting and delicious! One you definitely want to soak in .. it'll be beyond epic!

22 - Master energy builder and one of the likely last palindromic sequences you'll see this century (numbers which can be read equally backward
). This portal not only invites you, but ushers you to transcend, transform, and step fully into your highest potential. Working with the potency of galactic energy gateways truly helps you to ride those waves in the most easeful and intentional way.

This immensely potent portal also allows us to fully anchor
our most sacred dreams and the vision of ascension and
Unity Consciousness for the Collective into fruition.

Share with your friends and those whom you know ought to be there.

And to stay in the energy of 22, this one will be an extra special gift for you!

Activation = $US22

See you on Tuesday!
May you always know your Soul's beauty.

Blessed be,