Planet and Moon

12:12 Portal Activation
Sunday -
11:00am CST 
12:00pm EST 
6:00pm CET


Gateway to catapult yourself
into 2022 and thrive in your highest timelines

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Sunday, 12/12 - 11:00am CST

I invite you to join me for this potent gateway, where we receive waves of high-vibrational energies and frequencies that support us to usher into higher states of consciousness and awakening.

12:12 is connected to our MerKaBa through which we can teleport and more deeply innerstand our multi-dimensional existence, allowing us to come into heart coherence and Unity Consciousness.

Welcoming those who are ready to rise and claim their highest timelines.

Activation = $US33

See you on Sunday!
May you always know your Soul's beauty.

Blessed be,